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The overgrowth of Candida albicans yeast in people’s gut has become a silent epidemic in the United States, affecting a very large portion of the entire population to the point of even damaging immune system function.

The SAD (Standard American Diet), which is full of processed foods, sugars, starches and other highly refined carbohydrates and gluten, along with alcohol consumption, repetitive antibiotic use and a highly stressful lifestyle – all contribute and are principally responsible for this epidemic overgrowth of the Candida albicans yeast in our people’s GI tract, which impairs both metabolic and immune health, as well as it disrupts the proper function of every cell of the human body.

This adverse health condition known as “Candidiasis’ (Candida yeast overgrowth) may be a major contributor to ‘leaky gut syndrome’, which leads to food allergies and many health problems. Common symptoms from this Candida overgrowth include digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas and mucus in stool. If left uncontrolled for a long time, it may also lead us to poor memory, brain fog, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, skin and nail fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, chronic urinary tract infections, severe seasonal allergies, low body temperature, and strong cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Fortunately, our CandiYeastOUT TM functional formulation has been especially designed to effectively combat this proliferation of the Candida albicans yeast within our gut (GI tract).

It will help to maintain our intestinal flora balanced with a formulation that contains the concentrated combination of Caprylic Acid and high-potency extracts of Oregano and Aloe Vera Leaf, together with probiotics and digestive enzymes, plus a select group of detoxifying botanical ingredients.


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