CARIOCA – Limpieza Intestinal FASE INICIAL DE 15 DÍAS

CARIOCA – Limpieza Intestinal FASE INICIAL DE 15 DÍAS


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This is a strong cleanse combination to be used only once every 3 months for a maximum of 15 consecutive nights (at bedtime). It contains the remarkable antioxidant properties of Acai Berry fruit (4:1 extract) combined with the potent detox effects of natural laxatives Cascara Sagrada and Senna Leaf both of which contain anthraquinones, as well as the effective ‘scrub-removing’ action of Black Walnut Hulls together with Bentonite Clay.

CARIOCA Intestinal Cleanse Program – Its Two Phases

The Colon is a major elimination organ of the body, which processes food waste. It is constantly bombarded by accumulated toxins (derived from foods and the items we eat and drink, and also from pesticides, as well as from air and water pollutants, etc.).

Its importance in keeping us healthy is foremost – as it’s the principal part of the gut or GI tract – thus, it controls the immune system, helps the digestion procedure, and preserves water balance in the body. Consequently, when the colon isn’t functioning 100%, the toxic waste starts piling up in the body, instead of being efficiently disposed of. It must be noted that in order to cleanse any other part of the body, such as the blood, liver or lymphatic system, the colon must first be relieved of toxins.

Accordingly, colon (intestinal) cleansing is one of the best ways to encourage our body’s internal detoxification processes and eliminate harmful organisms. For such purpose, we’ve developed the CARIOCA Intestinal Cleanse Program in two stages (the strong initial phase as well as the mild or maintenance cleansing phase). Both products contain an excellent combination of scientifically-proven herbals and nutrients to help support intestinal regularity, digestion and a healthy gut (GI tract) flora.


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