Augusto Agostini-Chapel, Ph.D. / Chaplain

The person who founded and directs BioNutrix Wellness Corporation, as well as simultaneously has developed this ‘website’, is my good friend, Dr. Augusto Agostini-Chapel. I herein briefly recount his excellent professional background and community service achievements – so that the reader may get to know him better.

Having studied Biology and Functional Nutrition in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico, Dr. Agostini-Chapel obtained his doctorate degrees (PhDs) in these important health science disciplines. In 1997, while residing in San Antonio, Texas, he developed his first line of state-of-the-art nutritional supplements under the ‘NutriTerapias’TM brand.

Then in 1999, he moved to Orlando, Florida, where he established his own ‘SlimFit & Healthy Weight Loss Centers’, making himself known through his constant personal presentations (conferences and seminars on Functional Nutrition), as well as for his frequent exposure in local media, especially among Spanish speakers, through which he educated the public with his savvy and innovative advice on ‘how to nourish themselves better’.

In 2006, he also founded the non-profit organization, ‘The Coalition To Defeat Childhood Obesity, Inc.’, dedicated to educating parents, family and teachers on how to more effectively manage the condition of overweight or obesity in children and teenagers. And then, in 2014, he founded ‘The SaDy Frail Foundation, Inc.’ – another charitable organization – in this case, to educate older adults about Sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), Dynapenia (loss of muscle strength) and Fragility, conditions that if left uncontrolled can lead people to chronic physical disability.

But his tireless desire to educate patients and the community in general about the immense value of Functional Nutrition to improve health and overall well-being does not stop, which has led him to successfully develop other noble initiatives (websites) of Health and Nutrition education, such as (, and, respectively.

Dr. Agostini-Chapel is also a Chaplain and Director (Dean) of ‘Christian Health University’, a non-profit educational institution, dedicated to forging community leaders in the knowledge of Health and Nutrition.

Last but not least, I want to invite you to browse with interest and in full the pages of this educational ‘website’ – ‘’ (both in Spanish and English) – created by Dr. Agostini-Chapel, as well as the video tutorials on the YouTube Channel called ‘BioNutrix Wellness’ – because in both places the reader will find valuable information that educates and offers enlightening guidance to prevent diseases and premature aging, and to add energy, vitality, longevity and better quality of life through the excellent resource for our Health that we find in Functional Nutrition.

Respectfully, Gerardo A. Rojas, M.D.
(Internal Medicine Physician)
Orlando, Florida, USA