EYE VISION (Mejor Vision)

EYE VISION (Mejor Vision)



(USA & Puerto Rico)
Apoyo Nutricional Para la Salud de Los Ojos

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Over 80% of the information that we take in from the world is through our eyes, and the importance of their health cannot be taken for granted.

To enjoy life to its fullest, we must take good care of the health of our eyes. They are truly amazing organs. Our eyes, like other organs of our body, are subject to stress and injury and can lose their full potential if not properly taken care of. It’s important to maintain the health of our eyes, especially as we grow older.

We could provide health to our eyes by providing our body with proper nutrition (consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as of a daily consumption of good protein and good omega-3 fats like we find in ocean-caught fatty fish) and reasonable physical activity plus a plentiful intake of spring water. This lifestyle mode can help us keep our eyes functioning properly well into our later years.

But we could also enhance our eyes health and have a healthier, better vision by supplementing daily with specific vitamins (like vitamin A beta-carotene plus carotenoid Lutein and flavonoid Quercetin), minerals (like Zinc aspartate), and with a select group of other nutritional botanicals (like Grape Seed and Bilberry Fruit extracts) and natural ingredients (like N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and L-Taurine), all of which have been scientifically-proven to help support vision by reducing eye inflammation and improving vision (even at night).

You’ll find the above-described excellent healthy-eyes combination of ingredients in our EYE VISIONTM functional nutrition formulation.


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