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Nutritional Support from a Healthy Antioxidant Complex

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‘The Antioxidant Fortress That Supports Cell Membrane Health’

If we’re looking to best improve our overall health, we must definitely enhance its auto-detoxifying (‘getting rid of toxins’) functions, and in order to accomplish this utmost important goal, we must first understand the meaning of  three (3) vital physiological (body functioning) terms, namely : Free Radicals, Oxidative Stress, and Antioxidants – as well as the relationship between the three.

Let’s keep one important thought in mind … that Oxygen is both ‘a blessing and a curse’. We need Oxygen in order to live, yet the simple act of breathing-in Oxygen results in the formation of highly-reactive molecules called Free Radicals. How does this happens … well, Oxygen in the body splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons. Electrons like to be in pairs, so these atoms, called Free Radicals, scavenge the body to seek out other electrons so they can become a pair. This causes damage to cells, proteins and DNA.

As the Free Radicals interact with other molecules in the body, they cause oxidative damage that can result in the development of a wide range of illnesses and diseases, including cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and many others. They also may have a link to aging, which has been defined as a gradual accumulation of free-radical damage.

The human body is under constant attack by Free Radicals. Scientists have calculated that each of us suffers at least 10,000 free radical attacks on a daily basis. Substances that generate these Free Radicals can be found in the food we eat, the medicines we take, the air we breathe and the water we drink. We find them in processed foods, hydrogenated-cooking oils, alcohol, tobacco smoke, pesticides and air pollutants, but – as we mentioned before – these Free Radicals could even be the result of our over-exercising (as oxidation takes place).

Oxidative Stress, on the other hand, is a condition of cellular damage which is brought about by a constant imbalance of harmful Free Radicals and Antioxidants (which neutralize them). If the quantity of Free Radicals far exceeds the quantity of Antioxidants then Oxidative Stress will accumulate throughout multiple organs and tissues in the body. So we could say – in simple terms – that it (Oxidative Stress) is an accumulation of Free Radicals without been controlled or neutralized by Antioxidants.

Naturally the human body tries to protect itself from free radical damage by producing enzymes that neutralize them. However, we’re not capable of handling this function effectively without the help of Antioxidants, that we could obtain from an antioxidant-rich diet  based on our daily eating and drinking enough fresh (or flush-frozen) vegetables and fruits or some special healthy foods (such as our “WheyIsolate 3x BioActive’TM) and also daily supplementing with our ‘Integrum’TM  comprehensive functional nutrition formulation.

The health of our body’s protective cell membranes is critically important to our rate of Aging, overall structural integrity, proper metabolism, cardiovascular health, and to the ability to neutralize inflammatory wear-and-tear.

Oxidative Stress damage – our cell membrane health’s main and worst enemy – is believed to be one of the culprit mechanisms behind Aging and many diseases (especially chronic-degenerative infirmities). Like we described before, It involves the accumulation of Free Radicals, highly-reactive molecules with unpaired electrons that tend to react negatively with important organic substances, such as fatty acids, proteins or DNA.

The main reason Antioxidants are so beneficial to our overall health is that they are the specific and only natural substances that protect our body from Free Radicals – that when uncontrollably accumulated  – result in Oxidative Stress.

These protective molecules – Antioxidants – are also known as ‘free radical scavengers’ as they destroy free radicals by feeding electrons (atoms) to them –  thus neutralizing free radicals by rendering them harmless to the human body.

Highly-active Antioxidant compounds such as the array of nutrient-dense botanicals found in our Integrum TM formulation, offer maximum protection against Oxidative Stress-induced Aging by :

– Supporting our immune system function to be balanced, thus increasing the body’s natural ability to combat challenges to our health such as infections, diseases and cancer ;

– Assisting the body by removing toxins, reducing inflammation and decreasing cellular and tissue damage;

– Helping in stimulating blood circulation throughout our body, and assisting in draining the lympathic system

Let’s briefly describe some of the many outstanding Antioxidant-rich nutritional components that Integrum TM  contains, in order for our functional nutrition formulation to be deserving of the title “The Antioxidant Fortress That Supports Cell Membrane Health’ :

– Leading immunologists believe that the daily oral ingestion of Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan (extracted from the cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae or baker’s yeast) is the best way to safely support our immune system function balance, which is the key to empowering our overall health and wellness. The trio of Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms (mycelia biomass powders) – also featured in our formulation – contain naturally occurring constituents, including this beneficial polysaccharide (Beta Glucan).

– Graviola (Annona muricata fruit) – which is IntegrumTM ‘s most abundant individual ingredient – is also known as ‘soursop’ or ‘guanabana’ in Spanish – and contains numerous antioxidant properties (including alkaloids, saponins, terpenoids, flavonoids, coumarins, lactones, anthraquinones, tannins, cardiac glycosides, phenols and phytosterols). It provides anti-inflammatory benefits as well as quite a nutrient-dense group of health-promoting compounds that can help fight disease-causing cells and even block tumor growth – and which are principally the result of its abundant contents of vitamin C, B-vitamins, calcium, iron and phosphorous, which gives it a number of potential regenerative applications. It can help prevent and repair cell damage and reverse some of the telltale signs of aging (such as wrinkles and other skin blemishes).

– Turmeric (Curcumin) has powerful antioxidant effects. It neutralizes free radicals on its own but also stimulates your body’s own antioxidant enzymes.It is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals due to its biochemical structure. In addition, it boosts the activity of our body’s own antioxidant enzymes. In that way, Turmeric (Curcumin) delivers a one-two punch against Free Radicals. It blocks them directly, then stimulates our body’s own antioxidant defenses.

– Raspberries have significantly high levels of antioxidant-rich phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid (tannin), quercetin, gallic acid, cyanidin, pelargonidin, catechins, kaempferol and salicylic acid. Scientific studies show that the antioxidant compounds in these berries play a potential role in the cure of cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurodegenerative diseases.

– Grape Seed extract contains highly concentrated antioxidant compounds, including Flavonoids. One of the most notable antioxidants found in grape seed extract includes ‘Resveratrol’. This compound is also found in the skin of red grapes, and it is the active health boosting ingredient in red wine. In addition, grape seed and pine bark extracts are both sources of powerful antioxidant compounds called oligomeric proanthocyanidins, often abbreviated as ‘OPCs’. There has been extensive research on OPCs from grape seed extract and pine bark for conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and many others. While the exact OPCs in grape seed extract and pine bark may differ, when combined, they can provide even greater benefits.

– Green tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves contain antioxidant-Polyphenols called catechins which include catechin, gallocatechin, epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, and epigallocatechin gallate – the most recognized of all the polyphenols in green tea, known as EGCG.

– On the other hand, the antioxidant-polyphenols contained in Pomegranate include significant amounts of tannins, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid. The anti-aging benefits of this fruit have been clinically shown to include a photoprotective effect on skin cells. (preventing collagen loss and skin protein breakdown, thus helping to maintain the elasticity of youthful skin.

– As to the antioxidant Quercetin, a recent research study (performed at USF – the University of South Florida, evaluated the antioxidant power of a group of Flavonoids. When all the tests were done, two flavonoids stood out: catechin and Quercetin. They sound like twins, and in a way, they are. Catechins (found in Green Tea) are also antioxidants that fight oxidative damage.

– Olive leaf extract’s primary antioxidants are Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol, a scientifically-proven extremely health-beneficial functional ingredient. Other antioxidants include polyphenols and flavonoids such as olecanthal. It has been scientifically-demonstrated to provide antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties.

We conclude that the outstanding combination of excellent antioxidant-rich functional ingredients that IntegrumTM provides, should make you consider it as one of your daily nutritional supplements of choice when looking for overall health enhancement.


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