VIRILE POWER (Poder Viril)

VIRILE POWER (Poder Viril)



(USA & Puerto Rico)
Nutritional Support for Male Sexual Vigor

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As men ‘age’ (some much earlier than others), their testosterone levels decrease, and as a result they start experiencing adverse symptoms like : muscle mass reduction and body fat level increase, also an overall body decrease in both strength and energy, as well as a significant reduction in sexual drive, vitality and function. At this point, he may start becoming affected by erectile dysfunction (ED), and definitely needs and deserves help. That’s when the natural, yet effective nutritional support from VIRILE POWER TM could come to his rescue !!

Our special functional formulation – with its potent combination of five select natural ingredients – enhances male vitality by restoring youthful sex drive and thus allowing a man to experience a surge in desire and passion, as via the daily supplementation with this excellent formulation he’ll  naturally (without the need of prescribed medication) enjoy stronger erections, longer stamina, better ejaculatory control and an overall improved performance, for his delight as well as for the enjoyment of his sexual partner.

VIRILE POWER TM  features Fenugreek extract as its main component, as this remarkable herb has been scientifically-validated to effectively support increased testosterone levels, which promotes healthy male sexual function and libido, as well as the maintenance of muscle mass. In our formulation, we’ve combined it with a group of 4 other botanical extracts that have been proven to enhance sexual vigor – such as Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed and Maca … the blend is powerful !!


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