FemDIM BioActivator

FemDIM BioActivator



(USA & Puerto Rico)
Nutritional Support to Promote Hormonal Balance in Women

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Our functional formulation features DIM as its principal component – aimed at supporting female hormonal balance. According to its definition by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Diindolymethane (DIM) is both an antioxidant and a phytonutrient, which is found in cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale, with potential anti-androgenic and anti-neoplastic activities. However, in order to get the recommended amount of DIM, one would have to eat at least two pounds of these vegetables daily, thus your supplementing with FemDIM BioActivator TM is an effective and convenient way of getting this excellent nutrient.

As a dimer of indole-3-carbinol, diindolylmethane (DIM) promotes beneficial estrogen metabolism in by reducing the levels of 16-hydroxy estrogen metabolites and increasing the formation of 2-hydroxy estrogen metabolites, resulting in increased antioxidant activity. Some experts also recommend DIM to fight chronic inflammation in the body, especially as we age. With inflammation, it gets harder for our body to absorb nutrients from food, to keep our immune system function under control, and fight pain.


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