FemLibidinal (Female Sexual Vigor)

FemLibidinal (Female Sexual Vigor)



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Is only deserving that a woman enjoys a healthy and ‘gratifying’ sex life, that is, before and after menopause.

Gratifying sex (what we call ‘G-Sex’) is very beneficial to the health of a woman, as it activates various neurotransmitters that positively impact her brain as well as other organs and systems in her body, including enhancing her self-esteem and libido, reducing her stress, in addition to normalizing her blood pressure level and overall improving her heart health, while better balancing her immune system function, among other important physiological (body functioning) and emotional wellness benefits.

Accordingly, we’ve designed ‘FemLibidinal’TM – a comprehensive nine (9) ingredients -100% natural functional nutrition formulation that solidly supports her ‘libido’ – that is, the energy of her sexual drive – like its brand name explicitly implies, and which specifically intends via the synergistic effect of its select components to intensify pleasure in her orgasms.

The formulation contains Horny Goat Weed Extract (Epimedium), an effective natural potent oriental aphrodisiac, traditionally well known for boosting libido – also in men – as its foundational (main) ingredient.       As we’re aware, loss of sexual desire can be a result of biological, physical or psychological problems. One of the causes of sexual dysfunction in both men and women is hormonal imbalance. Epimedium may temporarily reverse these imbalances in women by heightening feeling of arousal.

On the other hand, from the Peruvian region of the Amazon River, traditionally used for centuries by the savvy Incas, there’s an effective herbal known for improving lust and orgasm in both men and women, and for having a Sildenafil (‘Viagra’) type of vasoactive-effect on the individual, which enhances his/her blood circulation to certain body parts including the reproductive organs of both gender. That botanical is “Maca’, and which is the second most abundant component in ‘FemLibidinal’TM.

Maca’s high iodine content supports a woman’s hormone balance and its high zinc levels, an essential mineral for sex hormones, thus igniting sexual desire. Scientific studies also confirm that women who took Maca root powder on a regular basis have consistently reported improved sexual experiences and satisfaction (gratifying orgasms).

The third most important ingredient contained in our formulation is ‘Tongkat Ali’ (Eurycoma longifolia), another aphrodisiac herb used frequently and effectively by women to arouse desire and increase erogenous sensitivity, and traditionally given to women suffering from low libido. This herb has become a household name, since in his very popular TV show ‘Dr. Oz’ presented it as ‘the world’s greatest natural aphrodisiac’.

In other studies, women using two other select components of our nutritional supplement, that is, Brazilian herb Muira Puama in combination with Tribulus terrestris have reported surge in arousal, lubrication, desire, sexual enjoyment and intensified orgasms. This herbal duo’s positive effect on both pre- and post-menopausal sexual experience supports its overall benefits for female sexual and reproductive health. The modus operandi of this botanical combination is to stimulate androgen receptors in the brain, thus making the body much more responsive to testosterone and other sex hormones. It also helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and mild depression.

The other four (4) ingredients in our formulation also are very useful, as follows:

Saw Palmetto Berry (Serenoa repens) Powder support healthy production of hormones to boost sexual arousal, while amino acid L-Arginine works in women by boosting the amount of blood flow to both her heart and to her clitoris, thus aiding in heightened sexual arousal.

Polypodium Vulgare root powder aids women’s health by supporting mood and sexual arousal, and Panax Ginseng has also shown promise in helping women boost their excitability, desire, performance, energy, and orgasm. This is most likely due to affecting the dopamine system, which is the complex system of the brain that researchers believe triggers sex drive.

In conclusion, ‘FemLibidinal’TM  is a woman’s best natural ally to support sexual drive (libido) and vigor, for her well-deserved enjoyment (before or after menopause) of a more gratifying sex life.


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