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Nutritional Support for Joint Health


A comprehensive (all-in-one)functional nutrition formulation to optimally support and protect joint cartilage via ‘chondroprotection’, thus assisting enhance and maintain joint integrity, movement and flexibility by nourishing and lubricating them (joints).

Osteoarthritis affects the entire joint structure, for which you’ll obtain effective support with Sanus Joints – Our Chondroprotective Functional Nutrition Formulation is specifically designed to nurture and repair joint cartilage health slowing the progression of cartilage destruction by nourishing the entire joint structure (chondrocytes, cartilage, subchondral bone, synovial fluid & membrane, and articular capsule) is key to reducing pain, stiffness, and swelling due to Osteoarthritis, as well as to increase function, mobility and flexibility of the affected joint, thus regenerating and rejuvenating it. To help our body effectively reach this important goal, we utilize the proprietary, select combined group of Chondroprotective Functional Food Ingredients found in this nutritional supplement.

Let’s face it, there’s a high possibility that at some point in our life, we’ll develop Osteoarthritis (OA) – the most common form of arthritis, thus, of joint disease. This degenerative “wear-and-tear” condition of the joint cartilage, also known as arthrosis, is caused by age, over exercise and stressed joints – and can affect any joint, but most commonly causes problems in the knees, hips, and neck as well as in the fingers and toes.

OA happens when the tough yet elastic cartilage that cushions the space between bones wears away, allowing them (bone ends) to rub painfully against each other as their protective padding has substantially diminished (thinned). As it damages the entire joint structure (chondrocytes, cartilage, subchondral bone, synovial fluid & membrane, and articular capsule), it negatively affects us with the severe impact of its devastating symptoms – such as pain or aching, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of motion, as well as frequently resulting in joint dysfunction and disability – and because in Osteoarthritis the pain is constant and long-lived, it becomes a condition that hampers the way we carry our day-to-day activities including athletic performance and tends to worsen in the later years of life, thus diminishing our overall quality of life.

In recent years, OA hasn’t had any major breakthroughs that have dramatically improved its medical treatment. Consequently, researchers and health-care providers – like us at BioNutrix Wellness Corporation – have assumed the task of effectively addressing (with a drug-free countermeasure) the main cause of Osteoarthritis, which is the damage or breakdown of joint cartilage between bones, via the utilization of Chondroprotective Functional Nutrition Ingredients to alternatively treat this debilitating health condition. These are scientifically validated natural substances proven – via clinical research – to nourish Chondrocytes, the only cells that help to repair and regenerate cartilage tissue in a joint (particularly in the articular cartilage) as it wears away, and thus assist the human body in countering arthritic degenerative processes and enhancing normalization of the synovial fluid and the cartilage matrix, which are essential components of the joints.

Accordingly, our company has designed Sanus Joints – a drug-free, all-in-one ‘Chondroprotective BioActive Functional Nutrition Formulation’ That Supports Articular Cartilage, Bone and Joint Health – Rejuvenation. It combines a select group of 40 nutraceuticals, featuring MSM, New Zealand Green-Lipped Sea Mussel, Cetyl Myristoleate, Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Boswellia serrata, Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid, Holy Basil, Alfalfa and Green Tea Leaf Extracts, Ginger Root Extract, Bromelain, Skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) Root Extract, Magnesium, trans-Resveratrol, Berberine, Boron, vitamin D3, plus other herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals – which have scientifically demonstrated during recent years to generate beneficial symptom-reduction effects on Osteoarthritis, such as relieving pain, while also improving function, mobility and flexibility of the joints.


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