Gut Better !!

Gut Better !!



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Let’s now talk about how PREBIOTICS benefit our health… which we find in a special, effective and powerful way in our formulation called GUT BETTER !! … whose translation into Spanish is ‘The Health of the Gastrointestinal Tract IMPROVED’

THE PREBIOTICS that we find in GUT BETTER !! are the substances that FEED the Probiotics and that FORTIFY them… making this very important Prebiotic function for our health even more effective.

Just as we human beings need Food to produce energy, survive and thrive, PROBIOTICS NEED THEIR FOOD , which are… PREBIOTICS… to multiply, energize, survive and thrive… Let’s learn how Prebiotics do it in GUT BETTER!!

Prebiotics help Probiotics in different ways – because as soon as we ingest them… these Prebiotics go to work on undesirable bacteria (the so-called ‘harmful bacteria’ – or pathogenic – that is, those that can cause us diseases) – in the Gastrointestinal Tract… by destabilizing the cell wall of these bacteria, simultaneously releasing nutrients into the digestive tract so that they can be consumed by the good bacteria and helping to provide the much-needed regularity for our intestinal peristaltic movements, resulting in our eliminative process (that of defecation). – much more normal and effective. The Prebiotic complex – which provides us with our excellent GUT BETTER formulation!! – also cooperates in an important way with the very important work of Probiotics in promoting a balanced and adequate immune function – thus helping to prevent and reduce the duration and prevalence of infectious diseases, simultaneously assisting in reducing chronic-degenerative inflammation in people.

On the other hand, Prebiotics help us control and stabilize the level of glucose (i.e. sugar) in the blood, as well as help us better control appetite, while also assisting us in managing body weight through a optimization of our metabolism, which leads us to be able to reduce our level of body fat, such an important factor in achieving effective, healthy and lasting weight loss. Prebiotics also help to increase the absorption of certain important nutrients – such as Calcium.

In conclusion, THE PREBIOTICS… in collaboration with Probiotics – help maintain both our digestive health as well as assist in optimizing the all-important function of our immune system.

And since what happens in the ‘GastroIntestinal Tract’ affects the brain, we must ensure that a considerable amount of Probiotics – like the one we obtain with the daily and constant supplementation with ‘DigestiveHero PROBIOTICS’ TM – together with the also daily use of the excellent Prebiotic formulation GUT BETTER !! – – are always present in our Gastrointestinal Tract, since the joint action of these two excellent products will very positively affect not only our digestion and our health in general, but also our mood and how we feel.


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