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Nutritional Support to Neutralize Candidiasis

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Promotes intestinal (bowel movement) ‘regularity’ and optimum digestive health. Our functional formulation of Probiotics (beneficial bacteria strains) + Prebiotics (its ‘food’) helps support naturally-producing beneficial bacteria in the colon by providing this perfect combination needed for an optimized healthy gut flora.

The Prebiotic part of our formulation acts fast and does not cause gas (flatulence), like so frequently happens with other fiber or starch-based prebiotics. It functions in both the small and large intestines, and is not affected by varying gut environments. It works proficiently with a broad spectrum of probiotic species – such as the 4 select highly-effective beneficial bacteria strains in our product – to give the digestive system an effective boost.

Within hours of consumption, GutFloraBalanzTM goes to work on the undesirable bacteria in the gut by destabilizing the bacterial cell wall, releasing nutrients into the environment which can then be consumed by the good bacteria (including our 4 select strains of Probiotics) within the gut (GI tract), and helps provide the much-needed regularity to our bowel (intestinal) movements.


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