The 10-Day Parasite Complex Natural Detox

The 10-Day Parasite Complex Natural Detox



(USA & Puerto Rico)

Nutritional Support for Natural Parasite Prevention

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(for Natural Anti-Parasitic Detoxification)

Let’s educate ourselves on a topic that is little discussed, but that nevertheless, it’s quite important that we know, because it’s definitely a factor that affects our Health … LET’S TALK ABOUT PARASITES.

There is the misconception that intestinal parasites only exist in underdeveloped countries. In fact, they are more common there, but they are also much more common and frequent – than we think – in developed countries.

It is not a very pleasant idea to know that our body is the host of a colony of intestinal parasites, but we are not alone. According to the World Health Organization, more than 3 billion people (that is, about 40% of the world’s population) suffer from some type of infestation with intestinal parasites, and not all of these people live in underdeveloped and poor countries, if not that this problem that threatens our health is suffered by us too … here and now.

A Parasite is an organism that lives within another organism (known as a ‘host’) and from which it feeds and maintains. About 70 percent of the parasites are miscroscopic in size and therefore, are not visible to the human eye – such as the malaria parasite – but some parasites can reach up to be as long as 30-meter in size, as it has been measured to be the case of an earthworm (“tapeworm”).

Why are intestinal parasites dangerous?
As the name suggests: PARASITES … live within us and feed on us. Parasites are not a disease, but they can definitely transmit diseases.
When our intestines become a host or host for parasites, even high levels of gastric acid in the digestive tract cannot protect our body, so it tries to defend itself through our immune system and the intestinal tract may become inflamed.

Intestinal parasites prevent the food we eat from being properly absorbed by the body and cause toxins to be released in the bloodstream and also in the lymphatic system.
All this negative outlook caused by a large number of parasites living freely – without opposition – in our body … can weaken and compromise the function of our immune system … allowing us to be victims of infections, which definitely make us prone to develop serious and deteriorating diseases.

Given this reality … we must take action … seeking preventive help periodically with our nutritional supplement called THE 10-DAY PARASITE COMPLEX TM … that is, ‘The Complex for Natural Anti-Parasitic Detox’ … But we will talk in detail about it at the end of this Video … but in the meantime we should be better educated about PARASITES.

There are three main types of Parasites, which are: Protozoa, Helminths and Ectoparasites. First, Protozoa are microscopic unicellular organisms that parasitize domestic carnivores such as dogs and cats. These parasites (such as Giardia intestinalis) are also able to multiply in humans, which contributes to their survival and also allows serious infections to develop from just one organism. Protozoa that live in blood or human tissues are transmitted to other human beings through a Vector Arthropod – for example, by a mosquito bite.

Second among the intestinal parasites that affect human health, we have the Helminths. These are worm-shaped parasites and include the intestinal worm or round worm (or “roundworm”), the trichina spiralis (or “pinworm”), and the tapeworm (or “tapeworm”), among others.
And finally the third group of Parasites are:
Ectoparasites: These live on top of their hosts and not within them, and include mosquitoes, lice, mites, fleas and one of the most infectious and dangerous of these ectoparasites … Ticks. These parasites-arthropods are themselves important causes of disease but are even more relevant as ‘Vectors’, or transmitters of many different pathogens that, in turn, produce enormous morbidity and mortality from the diseases they cause.

It is also important to note THAT WE MUST TAKE PRECAUTIONS WHEN TRAVELING TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES when Drinking Water or Foods Mixed with Water from the locality, as this liquid often comes via a cistern system and this could allow additional parasites to invade our body.
Additionally, we must point out that people with “Dysbiosis” (that is, with an unbalanced intestinal flora or deficient in protection of Probiotics) – that we say suffer from Candidiasis – or people with the “leaky gut syndrome” or with a weakened (compromised) function of the immune system … all these people may be more susceptible to being affected by Parasites in their body.


First, consult your doctor … many of them believe in the importance of the incidence of Parasites in our body, and in fact, Infectiologists (physicians who specialize in the medical treatment of infectious diseases) are excellent in the diagnosis of this condition. If you suspect you have intestinal parasites, your doctor may do a stool test to confirm it.

To this end, if I were you, when looking to “de-parasitize yourself” – I would do it every 3 months (that is, every 90 days), taking two capsules 3 times daily for these 10 days of our excellent nutritional supplement “10-DAY PARASITE COMPLEX – NATURAL DETOX”TM – followed on each occasion – with an 8-ounce glass of Spring Water.

Our potent & effective Anti-Helmintic (anti-parasitic) Formula yet gentle and natural herbal blend – combines Black Walnut Hull with Wormwood plus15 other select botanical ingredients – such as: garlic, cranberry, apple pectin, spice cloves, Coptis chinensis root, pumpkin seed, and the powders of wooden betonia, papaya and carrot – along with Zinc glycinate. All this combination will serve to de-parasitize and detoxify the body and thus help to get rid of Intestinal Parasites, while helping to strengthen (that is, to balance) the natural flora of our Gastrointestinal Tract.

And please, don’t forget to consult your doctor before taking any herbal anti-parasitic supplements. AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: To further optimize the de-parasitic and detoxifying action, if I were you, I would also take (first thing every morning) one capsule of DigestiveHero PROBIOTICSTM plus two capsules of the Gut Better !! TM Prebiotic Formulation – as this combination of excellent supplements will additionally help keep your digestive tract healthy and discourage the infestation by Parasites. Additionally, eating ripe Papaya fruit every day will also make the body inhospitable for Parasites to live in it.

Given all this information that we have shared with you, we recommend that you DE-PARASITE PERIODICALLY IN NATURAL FORM with our effective yet gentle nutritional supplement “THE 10-DAY PARASITE COMPLEX-NATURAL DETOX”TM


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